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    It was founded by us, Maria and Nektaria, two sisters from Thessaloniki. From a very young age we loved beauty. However, growing up we noticed that if we put together all the beauty products, we use daily, we saw that there are too many, and consequently the toxic ingredients in most of them.

    So, we decided to limit the toxic ingredients from our beauty routine as much as possible. Unfortunately, our choices in non-toxic products were limited. In many products either the quality was compromised, or it was very expensive. So, Spell Cosmetics was born. A company that offers the choice of non-toxic cosmetics at an affordable price but without compromising the quality.

    The company was founded in 2020 in Greece. After 3 years of research and testing the formula, we decided it was time to launch Spell Cosmetics.

    All our products are Greek and are made entirely in Greece. We have very carefully selected all our suppliers in Greece, and we are very happy to work with them.

    We named it Spell for 2 reasons.

    • Our formula is like a magic filter because although none of our products contain toxins, the quality has not been compromised. Our colors are bright and long lasting, the treatments are effective, and the acetone-free remover removes the color fast and easy.
    • The word Spell comes from the phrase spell out which means express yourself loudly. We encourage women not to hesitate to be beautiful.

    Spell is a company created by women for women! We believe that every woman can be beautiful in whatever role she has chosen in her life. Many times, we neglect our beauty, either because of lack of time or because we worry that a beautiful appearance can overshadow our abilities. We support all women, to express themselves and dare to be beautiful.


    No, we unfortunately don't ship outside Greece, yet. Please note we're working hard to make this possible soon.

    Spell Cosmetics products are available right here, on spell-cosmetics.com and are also available at the following retail partners here.


    It means that our products do not contain any animal extracts or animal by-products in the ingredients or the manufacturing process.

    It means that our products have not been tested on animals.

    Yes, all our products are PETA certified as a vegan and cruelty free company.

    It has the following symbol which is the official PETA bunny.
    PETA certification


    Our colors have been tested to last about 4-7 days. Be sure to use a base and topcoat before and after applying the nail color. You can also apply a top coat, 1-2 times a week to enhance the duration. Other factors play an important role too, such as health and vitamins, if your nails are long, as well as your daily life (e.g. if you come in contact with cleaning products or "bite" your nails).

    It is important to apply the top coat as a last step .Thanks to its special formula it offers fast drying up to 60 seconds.

    We offer 15 colors. From light nude to darker colors. We offer the most favorite color options regardless of age and style. More colors will be added soon though.


    We're sorry if your experience with any of our products was not good. It takes some time to have visible results. This does not mean that your nails have not already started to heal, just that the effect may not be visible yet. We ask you to have a little patience because the nail restoration takes time. For example, if your nails are very damaged, especially after artificial applications, they need 2 weeks to apply the express hardener treatment without applying any nail color on top or otherwise 1 month as a base coat. Do not forget to follow in combination with the treatment a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

    To always have healthy nails all year round, it is good not to neglect to apply a treatment on your nails at least once a month.


    Yes, it is fast and easy thanks to its innovative formula. You will need only one swipe.

    Yes, our acetone-free remover can be used to remove the nail polish from other companies as well.


    Our nail colors as well as our nail treatments are made without the most toxic ingredients or of animal origin ingredients commonly used in the nail polishes.

    We managed to create a nail polish that is as natural as possible. Our nail polishes are up to 87% natural (depending on the pigments used) and do not include many of the ingredients commonly used in nail polishes. However, nail polish is a very special product and some ingredients such as solvents are required to have shine and duration.

    As every woman and every pregnancy is unique, you should follow your doctor's instructions. If you are allowed to paint your nails, then it is better to choose a non-toxic product and avoid acetone.

    Our nail colors are not water-based, so they cannot be rinsed off with only with water. But they are non-toxic and can be removed with our acetone-free removal.


    We are constantly looking for ways to improve our packaging by working with more recyclable and biodegradable materials. All our packaging consists of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled and recyclable paper, or recycled plastic instead of regular plastic. We also recycle all paper and cardboard scraps, as well as all aluminum and plastic packaging we use, and we are committed to further reducee our impact on the environment.

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