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Who we are

Our philosophy
Our philosophy

Spell is a company founded by women that stands for women! We believe that every woman can be beautiful no matter the role she has chosen for her life. And surely, we all know that our roles are limitless, as we can choose to be full time mothers or, to pursue our professional ambitions, and in many cases we do both. Our products address and support all women no matter the role. Women who are mothers, engineers, doctors, athletes, women with their own choices. No matter the role we choose we all sometimes sacrifice our femininity due to lack of time or because we are worried that a beautiful appearance can overshadow our capabilities.

That is why at Spell we want to offer nail products that take care of your nails and make your hands look amazing. It is with our hands that we touch, hug, feel, and sign important changes in our life. Our nail products are free from 10 toxic chemicals so they can be used by all women, for safer beauty with less chemicals.

We are proud and happy of our products’ quality as we offer 10-free nail polish & nail treatments, and an acetone-free nail polish remover, which removes the color without dehydrating the nails and skin but is enriched with vitamin E and natural lemon essential oil.

With dedication to healthy beauty your nails are now protected by major toxins and allergens that are often associated with nail polish, making them stronger super shiny for amazing result. Spell nail products last longer, are vegan and are not tested on animals, are easy to apply thanks to their brush and offer a super high gloss chip free finish.

Our products are designed with love for women and a passion for safer beauty, with less toxins, to offer your hands a touch of magic and the confidence to conquer the world!

Spell supports that beauty lines in every woman in the world. We all have a unique personality, and we all are beautiful. We encourage women to express themselves and to dare to be beautiful. Embrace your individuality in everything you do. Don't be afraid to express your inner magic and embrace your uniqueness without being afraid of social boundaries.

Let us embrace our femininity and spell out our diversity.

It is rightfully yours!

Το logo της Spell που διαθέτει τα κορυφαία προϊόντα περιποίησης νυχιών

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