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  • Are you interested in our products and would like a cooperation with the company SPELL?

    wholesales spell cosmetics

    We will be very happy to work together.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of our network of partners fill in the following application form and we will contact you directly or alternatively at sales@spell-cosmetics.com

    Why become a partner of SPELL

    To grow your business.

    Stand out from the competition by offering your customer our innovative and high-quality products. Vegan & cruelty free products with respect to women's health.

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    Because we create long-term relationships of trust, offering

    • The ability to purchase small quantities, which frees you from the commitment of money in storage
    • Excellent Quality – Value for Money
    • Delivery Speed
    • The most competitive prices
    • We provide knowledge and appropriate information to help you better serve your customers.

    Because we care

    We do really care about building strong partnerships. Οur goal is to build relationships of trust with you and to create mutual success and long-term cooperation. Our goals are ambitious and can only be achieved through cooperation. Our relationship with our partners is as important and valuable as our customers. Our Partnership is designed for a mutually profitable growth, a win-win relation.

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    We invest in our Partners

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