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Discover the secrets for the perfect home nail care!

Home care nail products

Proper nail care not only makes our hands look beautiful, but also reflect our overall health, that is why proper nail care is so important. It might be one of the trickiest areas of our beauty routine as our hands suffer a lot on a daily basis, however, there are several ways and various nail care products that can help us.

No worries if you do not have the opportunity to visit the nearest nail salon either due to lack of time or pandemic restrictions, home nail care is the ideal solution! Find out our Spell secrets on how to do a manicure like a pro without having to leave the house! Spell cares for your nails so you can choose from a range of products to find the ones that really work for your nail. Spell care nail treatment products are free of 10 toxic ingredients so they can be used by all women without having to deal with a lot of chemicals, for safer beauty for every woman. Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free designed with love for all women!

Proper cleaning

The first and important step to get the best result is to make sure any previous polish is effectively removed before you apply the new nail polish. Prefer acetone-free nail polish remover that is friendly to the skin and does not dehydrate it, as it manages to maintain its natural moisture.

Spell acetone free nail polish remover has strong antiseptic and whitening properties, thanks to the natural lemon essential oil it contains, and effectively removes yellow stains from the nails. The gentle and sweet smell of lemon that it offers differs from the common nail polish removers in the market. At the same time thanks to vitamin E it is enriched, it quickly and easily removes the nail polish color and, at the same time, moisturizes your nails and the skin. It quickly removes all traces of nail polish and is effective for any type.

How to Prep Your Nails for Polish

After having effectively removed any previous color traces, it is time to cut, and file your nails in the desired shape. The most common is that of the oval – almond shape. But be careful always to file from the outside of the nail towards the center, and only to one direction otherwise you could end up breaking your nails. This way, you will create impressive and clean nails to move on the next step ready to apply the appropriate base coat.

If you wonder which is the best base coat that will allow the perfect application of the color and will protect the nail from any stains, you do not need to search much. Spell base coat protects your nails from turning yellow and preserves the nails' natural moisture, ensuring a lasting color. It does not contain parabens and with 10 less toxic ingredients, it smoothens the nail surface for a flawless nail lacquer application.

It is time to apply the nail polish

And after the base coat has dried, next comes the nail polish. Prefer nail polish products with less toxic ingredients. Free from the 10 toxic ingredients contained in regular nail polish Spell nail polishes bright and shiny colors that protect and care your nails that retain their shiny color while protecting your nail composition. It is best to apply 2 to 3 thin layers than overloading the brush and do too many strokes. This way it will dry faster, and you will have a shiny and smooth result.

Paint your nails with the Spell nail polishes that are vegan, cruelty-free, and with less toxins for safer beauty. Pure red, pastel pink, purple plum, light beige, and other colors to choose from depending on your mood!

An extra care for your nails

As a final step, it is recommended to take an extra care of your nails by applying cuticle oil. It can fight dryness and deeply soften the skin. Try to apply a small amount of oil and gently massage until absorbed.

The ultra-nourishing oil by Spell is rich in vitamin C which offers whitening properties that minimize the yellowness and nail stains caused by the regular use of nail polish. This oil is enriched with natural lemon essential oil to protect your polish for a lasting shine.

Damaged nails and what to do

If you have long nails, you will need to add a special nail hardener that is loaded with calcium so that they do not break easily. It cares and hardens long nails, but also those that are weak and damaged, helping them to grow quickly. This special calcium nail treatment by Spell will help you to make the nail surface smoother and stronger.

No matter the circumstances, there is no reason you cannot enjoy a good beauty pamper at home! Arm yourself with the best nail products and enjoy an ultimate manicure session without having to leave your house. Find all you need at Spell!

With lots of love,


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