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  • Λεπτά και εύθραυστα νύχια μετά το καλοκαίρι; Η σκληρυντική θεραπεία της Spell Cosmetics είναι η λύση!


Thin and brittle nails after summer? Spell Cosmetics' hardening treatment is the solution!

Βερνίκια νυχιών χωρίς χημικά

We bet you still remember those beautiful moments under the sun! Refreshing mojitos with your girlfriends on the beach? Too many daily showers to survive the heatwaves and all those clothes you quickly washed in hand so you could wear your favorite dress to your girlfriend's party?

All these beautiful summer memories have also been marked on your nails. But no need to panic because Spell Cosmetics nail treatments are here to offer you the best solution to repair weak, brittle, and damaged Nails!

Brittle nails tend to break or peel easily. This is because the surface layer of the nail has been dehydrated by various factors such as prolonged sun exposure or frequent contact with water.

What your nails need now is the right treatment to nourish them so that they become harder and stronger. Spell Cosmetics' express hardener is the most ideal solution to strengthen damaged nails!

It offers all the necessary nutrients to get healthy and beautiful nails in a natural way. It increases the cohesion of keratin fibres, saturating the nail plate with substances enhancing its strength and look. It prevents peeling and breaking of the weak nail, hardens and nourishes damaged nails, while enhancing them to grow quickly.

Spell Cosmetics' express hardener nail treatment strengthens weak nails, making them healthier in-depth, as it is free of 10 toxic ingredients, such as formaldehyde and toluene. It is also vegan & cruelty free as it does not contain animal origin ingredients and no testing on animals either.

You can apply it in two ways. Either on clean nails free of color polish for 2 weeks or you can follow a one-month treatment as a base coat under the color polish.

Get strong and healthy nails today and offer them the shine they deserve with Spell Cosmetics’ express hardener you can purchase it here.

Our products are designed with love for women and a passion for safer beauty, with less toxins, to offer your hands a touch of magic and the confidence to conquer the world!

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