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Check out the best treatments for damaged nails!

Treatments for damaged nails

Our nails can become weak and brittle due to a variety of hand-heavy errands we run every day; writing on the computer, cooking, gardening or even just grabbing things. We like to paint our nails with colors, which we must then remove, and we often neglect nail care treatments. All these can negatively affect the nail surface causing them damage.

At Spell we have gathered all at-home remedies and treatments that will help you to restore your nails to their former glory with the right nail care products. Apply one or more suggestions from the ones below and see your nails regain their healthy and shiny appearance!

Keep your nails beautiful and shiny with acetone – free nail polish removals

The most important advice you should follow is to choose a nail polish remover without acetone. This solvent may remove your polish quickly and easily from the nail, but its frequent use might be harsh on your nails. Acetone dries and damages the nail bed and may create ridges on their surface. Spell acetone-free nail polish removal, is enriched with natural lemon essential oil and vitamin E. This formula will effectively remove any traces of color, while your nails will remain hydrated and strong.

Apply moisturizing oils

An excellent solution is to use moisturizing oils to repair damaged nails. You can apply it on your hands with a gentle massage, either after applying or removing the color. Frequent use can get your nails back to their shiny state, thanks to the nutrients it contains, and can help their natural growth process. At the same time, the oil is perfect to hydrate your cuticles, as it provides in-depth moisturizing and softens them. Discover the nourishing lemon oil for nails and cuticles by Spell enriched with natural lemon essential oil and vitamin C and let them shine!

Repair the nail damage with express hardener

The use of hardener is quite common, as many women apply it before painting their nail with color, while others prefer to apply it on plain nail without any color on it for more natural look. It makes their surface smoother and effectively fights peeling, preventing the nails from breaking, even after frequent technical applications, such as the semi-permanent manicure. Try out the Spell express hardener that takes care of your weak nails. It contains Diamond Powder that helps strengthen and to protect the nails, while it does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and toluene.

Try out the nail care treatment with keratin

Keratin is known to be a building block of both our hair and our nails. Its regular use is an ideal treatment for damaged nails while enhancing their hydration and restoration of oiliness. Apply the keratin treatment for nails from Spell without parabens, acetone and ingredients of animal origin for the best care of your nails.

Of course, you should not forget drinking more water on a daily basis. The hydration offered by sipping on more water promotes nail growth, making them stronger and less likely to break and tear. This way you prevent nail damage and keep a healthy nail image. At Spell we support the beauty and diversity of every woman and we believe that no one should sacrifice her beauty. We encourage women to express themselves and dare to be beautiful. Nail care at home has become now easy with Spell nail products to get your nails back into tip-top shape!!

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