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Deep Hydrating Body Oil

Spell-cosmetics deep nourishing and multi-purpose dry oil is the must-have summer product both for your vacation and daily routine!

Take it with you in your summer bag in and let it do its ‘magic’. It provides a lot of functions before, during and after sun exposure whether for your face, body, and hair. Thanks to the 8 precious natural oils it contains, it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins so that it offers intensive and long-lasting hydration and radiance. The skin repairs itself, acquires elasticity and regains its radiance after exposure to the sun.

It is very important that you can use it even if you have oily skin because it is non-comedogenic product, so that it does not block or clog pores. It is not sticky and leaves no trace of oiliness so you can get dressed as soon as you apply it! Its silky formula gives you shine and glow!


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