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Nail Care At Home

Spell cares for you nail so you can choose from a range of products to find the ones that really work for you nail. Spell care nail treatment products as well as our base and top coat, are free of 10 toxic ingredients so they can be used by all women without having to deal with a lot of toxins, for safer beauty for every woman. Vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Spell nail strengthening treatments can help with brittleness and keep nails looking strong and healthy. They strengthen weak and damaged nails that easily break due to the frequent use of technical applications, such as semi-permanent manicures and artificial nails with gel and acrylic.

Keratin treatment that nourishes the nails and restores damage. It repairs the damaged nails and moisturizes them.

Calcium treatment for maintaining the hardness and structure of nails.

Express Hardener treatment for very weak and damaged nails especially for weak nails that are sensitive by the frequent use of nail technical applications, semi-permanent manicure, and artificial nails with gel and acrylic.

Nourishing natural lemon oil for nails and cuticles with natural lemon essential oil. Rich in vitamin C that makes the nails shinier, softens the cuticles, and reduces the yellow appearance of the nails. It provides in-depth moisturizing and softens the hard cuticles. It can also protect your polish for a lasting shine.

Ridge Filler with color that smoothes the nail’s surface and fills uneven areas. It fills unsightly ridges and masks nail imperfections and damage while strengthening your natural nails.

Nourishing base coat that prevents staining and peeling, and it will give your polished nails a more even texture. It protects your nails from turning yellow and preserves the nails' natural moisture, ensuring a lasting color. And of course, a fast drying top coat that provides extra shine and fast drying and it protects the color from the environment

As every woman is unique, we continuously add new treatments to offer you even more options! Every woman is different, as are our needs. Don't be afraid to express your inner magic and embrace your uniqueness without being afraid of social boundaries.

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