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Non - Toxic Nail Care & Products

Spell encourages women to express themselves and to dare to be beautiful. We support that beauty lines in every woman in the world. We all have a unique personality, and we all are beautiful. Do not be afraid to look different. Embrace your individuality in everything you do. Don't be afraid to show the world your uniqueness. Free from cultural restrictions and social requirements regarding the role you have chosen in life.

We recognize how sensitive your hands are, so we offer 10-free nail polish and treatments, free from dangerous chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Toluene and Camphor. Our products respect, nourish, and protect your nails and skin. They are vegan, and cruelty-free. Spell also offers an acetone-free nail polish remover that quickly removes all traces of nail polish without removing the natural moisture of the nail and skin. Enriched with natural lemon essence oil and vitamin E, it deeply moisturizes damaged nails and boosts their growth. Spell care nail treatment products strengthen weak and damaged nails. Take your pick among keratin nail repair treatment, calcium nail treatment, and the express hardener treatment. Protect your nails with the use of base and top coat, cuticle oil and ridge filler.

Spell offers various nail care products for every woman who dare to follow her dreams and wants to stand out for her skills without sacrificing her beauty. Choose the one that best suits your style and unique character.

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Acetone-free rinse aid

Deep Hydrating Body Oil

Nail treatment

Non - Toxic Nail Polish


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